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Performed March 28, 29 and 30, 2019, in the Mack Lyon Middle School Theatre

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN is presented through special arrangement with R & H Theatricals:

The Cast
Annie Oakley Keshia Philllipenas
Frank Butler Daniel Smedley
Buffalo Bill Cody Dan Bailey
Dolly Tate Kim Roden
Tommy Keeler Ethan Smedley
Winnie Tate Keely Watkins
Charlie Davenport Tuston Brown
Foster Wilson / Cowboy Craig Higgins
Chief Sitting Bull Paul Howard
Jessie Gabrielle Shiozawa
Nellie Faith Kelly
Little Jake Zack Kelly
Pawnee Bill / Ensemble Dave Learned
Band Leader / Ensemble McKay Wilson
Dining Car Waiter / Sleeping Car Porter / Ensemble Abbie Brill
Cowboy Paul Roden
Messenger / Mac / Ensemble Sierra Staley
Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter / Understudy / Ensemble Becky Kelly
Mrs. Schuyler Adams / Ensemble Tori Williams
Cowgirl / Ensemble Alissa Schaifer
Czar of Russia / King of Italy / President of France Fabian Pazos
Queen Victoria / Ensemble ]acqulyn Pray
Foreign Entourage / Ballet Dancer / Ensemble Victoria Pray
Foreign Entourage / Ensemble Beverly Potts
Foreign Entourage / Ensemble Alivia Smith
1st Lady / Ensemble Ann Hardy
2nd Lady / Ensemble Alice Su
3rd Lady / Ensemble Wynette Bodily
4th Lady / Ensemble Deanna Wiley


The Crew
Director Kenna R. Higgins, PhD
Assistant Director Kenzie Hastings
Music Director Vicki Willard
Choreographer Amber Leavitt
Stage Manager Emma Brown
First Assistant Stage Manager Alison Hardy
Assistant to Everyone Kim Hardy
Set Design and Construction Ron Dalley
Set Construction Brandi Hansen
Set Construction Kurt Hansen
Set Construction Elmer Lopez
Light and Sound Design Adam Hardy
Spot Operator Elmer Lopez
Light Technician Lane Gabrielsen
Costume Designer Kenzie Hastings
Costume Designer Sierra Staley
Seamstress Emily Wollenzien
Seamstress Kim Hardy
Specialty Props and Effects Adam Hardy
Specialty Props and Effects Emma Brown
Specialty Props and Effects Alison Hardy
Backstage Crew Alison Hardy
Backstage Crew Kim Hardy
Backstage Crew Myriam Leavitt
Backstage Crew Marshall Potts
Marketing Supervisor Kenzie Hastings
Photography / Promotions Terje Riisnaes