ghost tours big

October 16 & 17, 2020

Take a guided tour in downtown Overton and hear stories from the ghosts of the past

The Cast
Actors:Tour Guides:
Ashlyn Peters Kevin Potts
Abby Brill Aimee Potts
Beverly Potts Maximus Shambaugh
Dan Bailey Kim Hardy
Clint Brill Victoria Pray
Ann Hardy Tuston Brown
Julia Hardy Tour Directors:
Hailey Kelly Signa Roden
Kim Roden Vicki Willard
Becky Kelly Barbara Starnes
Amber Leavitt Dianne Hardy
Aaron Starnes Emma Brown
Craig Higgins Alison Hardy – With Jasper The Poodle
Sierra Staley Adam Hardy
Zach Kelly  
Faith Kelly Photography By:
Cynthia Weeks Terje Riisnaes
Alyssa Weeks Casper Roden-Riisnaes
Resident Zombie:  
Kenna Higgins